Do what you love,
automate the rest 🤩

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Imagine if you could…

💡 ...automate things like emails, contracts, proposals, scheduling, intake forms, and more.

💡 ...offer clients an experience that is streamlined, professional, and consistent. 

💡 ...have more time and brain space to do actual work.

💡 ...feel relaxed, confident, and excited about your systems.

Don’t have time for more clients because you spend too much time on administrative tasks?

Maybe you...


😰  Are spending too much time on emails, forms, and tracking down clients.

😰  Have no clue how to set up systems in your business that could automate things.

😰  Feel overwhelmed with all of the tech solutions out there.

✨Devin Lee’s Dubsado VIP day✨

I help busy service providers reclaim their time + energy by perfecting their client journey and putting it on autopilot. 

You will walk away with…

System setup

A solid client workflow that is easy for you AND your clients.


An automated workflow that does the heavy lifting FOR YOU!


Everything you need in one place - proposals, contracts, forms, emails, scheduling, client information, invoicing, and more!


A "Now What?" guide with next steps to get you up and running with your new Dubsado account. 

You will also receive… 

✅   A Pre-VIP Day call

✅   A Post-VIP Day call

✅   Access to my ever-expanding training library 

✅   30 days of email support


👋  I’m Devin Lee, an entrepreneur since the age of 27, and self-proclaimed “fun big sis for your biz”.

Officially, I’m a Certified Online Business Manager who specializes in helping you get your time + energy back by perfecting your clients’ journey and putting admin tasks on autopilot.

Unofficially, I’m the high-energy hype woman who’ll bring a calm oasis to your business.

When I’m not creating exceptional client experiences, you can find me roller skating and chasing the sun.

There are limited spots each month.


Sign up today to secure your spot and automate your business using Dubsado!

Not using Dubsado? You are probably…

👉  wasting countless hours doing work that can EASILY be automated
👉  forgetting important things because you are doing everything manually
👉  not presenting as professional as companies that are providing a consistent client experience

👉  unable to get ahead or make progress towards your business vision and goals


How does it work?

 I will spend some time getting to know you and your business so I can best support you and your unique needs. There is also some homework for you to get your Dubsado ready for me to dive in.

Getting Started


 I work with you to map out the ideal journey for your client. I ensure that the workflow (1) is easy for you, (2) is easy for your client, and (3) allows Dubsado to do all of the heavy lifting! 

Client Workflow


I collect everything else I may need, including contracts, proposals, branding, forms, questionnaires, invoices, client information, emails, etc..



This is an important time for us to review your Client Workflow and answer any remaining questions that I may have.

Pre-VIP Day Call


This is the day that I will set aside to do the dang thing! I will ask that you keep an eye on your email that day just in case I have questions, but otherwise you DO NOT need to be around.



After I set up your Dubsado, I want to walk you through everything I set up for you. This call will be recorded for you to reference when we are done!

Post-VIP Day Call



What folks are saying...

"Devin, you are a DREAM. You are very good at what you do, super responsive, warm-hearted, and brilliant. I am so very happy with the beautiful system you've built for me. The workflows, the client onboarding experience, and entire organizational set-up you created for me are just a JOY to use and manage. AAAH! I still can't believe how wonderful it all is!!!!! To anyone out there who is considering working with Devin, she is worth every. single. penny. This was the best gift I could have given myself as a business owner."

Molly Davis, LPC, MAC, educator-coach, teacher, and therapist and founder of Boundaried Coaching

"The delivery was the part that exceeded my expectations. I had no idea how much you were actually going to do on your end and I loved the Operations Manual doc... You're amazing and brilliant - keep doing what you're doing boo!"

Jennifer Curfman, Copywriter and founder of Untamed Creative

"Devin is one of the most fun people I have ever worked with. She has an infectious laugh and personality which makes getting your Dubsado set up painless and efficient. The fact that her organizational skills are off the charts, helps to make the setup process go incredibly smoothly. She has an innate ability to get to the meat of your processes and workflow. I love working with Devin."

Robin Rigby Fisher, CMKBD/CAPS/CLIPPS of Robin Rigby Fisher Design

Once the VIP Dubsado VIP day is done, you will also receive…

 💫  A customized "Now What?" guide with all of the next steps you need 

💫  Access to my Dubsado training library that continues to grow

💫  30 days of email support

My Dubsado VIP Day is different from other things you’ve tried…  here’s how it compares: 

Get ready to automate the boring parts of your business that take up too much of your time and regain more time to be the badass business owner you are!