I would describe myself as an antiracist trans-inclusive feminist. I would also describe myself as a cis-gendered straight white woman. As a company owner and as a human, I have some work to do.


I have heavily procrastinated putting out this statement. Partially because it is difficult, but also because I am still in the midst of doing my own work around this topic. However, if I am doing this work correctly, it will last my entire life. It is important to me that I, as a small business owner, announce to my (teeny tiny) audience my values and the steps I am taking to create a more inclusive and equitable environment.


Here is what I am committed to:

  • Continuing my own personal anti-racism and inclusion work.

  • Making myself and my business a safe and inclusive space for everyone. Businesses have defaulted to being a white/straight/cis-gendered safe space for too long. I am not interested in continuing this. 

  • Donating a portion of company profits to a BIPOC organization (this will change monthly).

  • Doing the emotional labor of holding myself accountable so marginalized groups don't have to.

  • Taking a deep look at my client base. Most of the clients I work with are white. I am looking into why that is and how I can support BIPOC communities as well.

  • To the best of my ability, holding my clients accountable in the same ways I hold myself accountable. Making sure that my client's business is inclusive is not an optional service - it is integral to what I offer. 

  • To assist my clients to the best of my ability in their own work towards being inclusive and actively anti-racist.

  • Making sure the websites I work on are inclusive. This can mean anything from appropriate stock photos to inclusive language to accessibility for the disabled.

  • To keep listening, learning, and changing as needed.


I am lucky enough to work with clients who share my values. I refuse to work with any client or company that actively expresses racist ideas or behaviors with no intention of changing. 


Thank you,

Devin Lee