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3 Steps To Creating A Consistent Client Story

One of my favorite places on the planet is Cracker Barrel. The reason could be the customer service, the yummy food for cheap, or the nostalgia. (Cracker Barrel is where my family ate during every road trip during my childhood)

But the thing I love the most about Cracker Barrel is that every Cracker Barrel is exactly the same. I always know what to expect. With very few variations, the restaurant and gift shop has been laid out the exact same way ever since I can remember. No matter where I am in the country, I can always go to the exact same Cracker Barrel. And there is comfort in that.

That is what the most successful businesses all have in common. I almost never eat fast food, but if I am in a foreign city and need to grab a quick bite, I will choose the security of a chain I recognize over an unfamiliar local cafe. This is something I could never fathom doing when I am home!

If you can consistently provide a high-quality experience for your clients, they are more likely to stick with you again - as well as refer you!

So how does one achieve this?

1. Write out your client journey.

Sit down and start from the moment a client contacts you to the moment they leave your sphere. Note every single interaction. What are the steps? Where can you provide more value? And most importantly what can you delegate or automate?

2. Make sure there is a trigger for every step.

Laying out every step of your client's journey won't do you any good if you have no system in place to trigger all of it.

3. Make good use of templates, project management tools, & delegating.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Step trying to keep all of the steps in your head. Stop trying to do all of it yourself.

Do you need support in getting crystal clear about your client's journey? I offer one-off strategy sessions!

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