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6 Devin-Approved Tools You Need For Your Business

Devin Lee, Online Business Manager, sitting at a table working on a laptop.

I get bored easily. I need novelty in my life! That's why having a job where I work with many different clients (and their different clients and employees) is just right for me!

That means I create systems that work for all different kinds of needs. However, there are a few tried and true software programs that I think are useful to almost any business.

ACUITY ($ - $$) When it comes to scheduling, there is no comparison.

If your business involves scheduling in any way, shape, or form - you need Acuity. Acuity syncs both ways with your Google Calendar, sends custom confirmations, reminders, and follow up emails and texts, generates coupons and gift certificates, and so much more. My favorite thing about Acuity is that it is that sweet spot between super customizable and truly easy to use.

ASANA (FREE - $$$) There are plenty of project management software programs out there, and it seems like every industry has its own version customized just for them.

I prefer Asana time and time again. First of all, I am a big fan of the way Asana runs their company. They have plenty of free training available for anyone who wants to take a deep dive into the program. They also wrap your company goals and vision into the workspace, allowing you to easily get a top-down view of your business. This allows you to see the forest, and the trees, and even the tiny pebbles and twigs.

Most importantly, Asana is easy to use, quick to update, and it just looks dang good. The format is visually pleasing and I can access anything I need within seconds, from anywhere in a project.

PIESYNC ($ - $$) Sync all of those contacts together, easily.

You know how you have contacts in your CRM, but also MailChimp, but also your Google Contacts, but also 3 other places? PieSync solves all of these issues for you. You can have your contacts sync two ways or just one way. And it syncs in less than a minute. So easy!

TOGGL (FREE - $) There are plenty of time tracking apps out there, but I prefer Toggl.

It's simple to set up, easy to use, and visually pleasing. I use it to track my time, make note of what I am working on, and see how much I've worked for who at a glance.

HUBSPOT ($$ - $$$) Make it easy to manage your contacts and leads.

Their sales pipeline gives you a quick visual of where each client is in the sales process. It also tracks your total sales closed and lost. You can also easily customize the boards to match your sales pipeline.

LATER (FREE - $) This is my current favorite for scheduling Instagram and Pinterest.

You can create posts way in advance. If you pay for a monthly subscription, you can even change your Instagram link, add your location, and leave the first comment.

Wondering if its time for you to switch up some of the systems in your business, but aren't sure where to start? Let's chat!

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