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Avoiding the Overwhelm

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk, totally frozen?

What should I be doing right now?

There is so much to do, how can I possibly know where to focus?

Where do I even begin?

Take a big deep breath - you got this. I can help!

1. Take a step back.

Take 10 minutes to go for a walk or meditate. Its important to get your nervous system as close to a state of calm as possible. 

When you return, take out a piece of paper and do a big brain dump of everything you need to do or everything that is causing the feeling of overwhelm. Incorporate your current To-Do list. Then identify things on this list that are causing you the most stress. These are your new priorities. 

2. One thing at a time. 

Once you have your Overwhelm narrowed down a bit, pick the task that you are really avoiding. This is your new focus for the day. Everything else can wait. Do not think about anything else until this task is complete.

3. Take A Small Bite.

Make a list of all of the steps required to complete this task. The smaller the steps the better - sometimes a step is just to google an address. Then go ahead and take your first bite. Then your second. Keep going until you feel yourself start to relax. Rinse and repeat with the other tasks on your list.

4. Give Yourself a Break

Don't forget to give yourself some compassion. You are doing a lot and you are doing the best you can. Take a moment to remind yourself how amazing you are!

Bonus Tips for your Overwhelm:

  • What tasks on your list can fall off completely? 

  • What tasks on your list can you delegate?

  • What appointments or events can you cancel this week?

When all else fails - remind yourself that you are not a doctor. No one will die if you miss a deadline. 

Unless you ARE a doctor or other very important profession that saves lives. In that case - thank you and godspeed! 


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