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Don't slow yourself down ๐Ÿฆฅ

I have to ask you something... Is your current client experience slowing you down?

When I was an OBM on retainer, I had a client that was an absolute GENIUS at what she did.

Because of this, she had a constant stream of leads flowing in. We almost couldn't hire folks fast enough to keep up with the growth.

But one unfortunate thing stopped her in her tracks and resulted in the ultimate collapse of her business.

I am telling you this story because I love you, we are friends, and I don't want this same thing to happen to you!


As I mentioned before, getting leads was not an issue for this client.

Her sales conversion rate was also about 90% - it was AMAZEBALLS.


The trouble started during onboarding. She insisted on an arduous manual onboarding process that she would spend hours and hours on. She would start by creating a brand new proposal from scratch, tailored for each new client.

Then we would need to wait however long for the client to accept.

From there, she would update her contract template to match this new proposal.

And of course, that also requires a custom invoice to reflect the new proposal and contract!

I would continue to list the rest of the steps, but I know you are bored to tears at this point and I don't want to lose you yet - cuz this is important!

Her business was growing so fast is scared her.

The more her business grew, the more she felt the need to complicate her client journey, and the more work it became for her.

So she had to do busy work to distract herself from working on projects that would keep her business flying to the next level of success.

A deadly combination of perfectionism and fear prevented her from using automated features or even me to do all of this work for her.

And I watched the burden of all of this unnecessary work cause her to energetically repel new leads that were coming in.

Just as quickly as her business rose, it also fell.

I have since learned so many more lessons that could have helped her had she been in a place to listen to me.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Your client journey does not need to be complicated - it just needs to flow easily

๐Ÿ‘‰ Your client journey should put YOU first, and the client will also benefit

๐Ÿ‘‰ Your client journey should be as AUTOMATED as possible. You have better things to do than wait and stare at your email wondering when I client will return a form to you.

I am so dang serious about making your client experience more delightful for you AND your client, that I am inviting you to check out my Dubsado VIP day.

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