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✨Dubsado 👉Knowledge VS 👍Wisdom

You know the old saying -

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

Here are some of my own versions:

👉Knowledge is knowing that you should name an appointment scheduler something like “Discovery Call” since it is client facing

👍Wisdom is naming the appointment scheduler “Discovery Call with {YOUR NAME}” - otherwise the appointment will be a mystery when the client adds it to their calendar

👉Knowledge is knowing you can create a To Do in a Dubsasdo workflow to remind you to send a gift to a client.

👍Wisdom is adding the smartfields {Client Name} and {Client Address} in the To Do so you have all of the information you need when you get the email notification.

👉Knowledge is knowing you can add a payment plan to a Proposal or a Workflow.

👍Wisdom is only doing one of those things, because adding both at the same time will cause your invoice to error out.

One of the reasons I am raising the price of my Dubsado VIP day in the new year is because… I don’t just have that Dubsado knowledge - I have that Elevated Client Experience WISDOM.

HOWEVER! You can get the new and improved VIP day experience at the current rate of $2500 by paying now and booking later.

So if you are ready to automate your client experience from the first hello, to the last follow up, to signing them up again - I am taking sales calls next week before I raise the price.

Schedule one now if you want in!

Enjoy the day!

✨ Devin

PS - I am currently in full vacation mode and not available to answer questions unless you’re on my calendar next week!

So book a dang call and I’ll see you after I’m done riding all of the roller coasters at Universal Studios.

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