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🎉Friday AGAIN?

Usually, we LOVE Friday (TGIF amirite???)

But sometimes Friday comes too soon and we wish we had an extra day in the work week.

This leads to working weekends or feeling guilty for not getting enough done. ​

I am here to tell you - you don’t need more time if the time you do have is focused.

Even the weeks where I start to feel stress creeping in and my to do list feels impossible, all I need to do is remind myself that I don’t need a lot of time to get everything important done.

Between my first business as a Professional Organizer, and my current OBM business, I have been hired many times to help folks just get a handle on their time.

And almost every time, this is what I am seeing from folks:

  • Doing TOO MUCH at once

  • Starting multiple projects before finishing the last ones

  • Not blocking out enough time to actually sit down and get into the flow to GET SH*T DONE. ​

Yes, there are external factors, like having a toddler interrupt you every five minutes, or ADHD interrupting you every five minutes. AND these are all obstacles we can work within and around.​ ​

There is always enough time if you believe there is.

Join me in the Quarterly Planning Party so that you can do the things you actually want to do, with a simple 90 day plan.

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