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Getting lost in the Infinite: How to Focus and Move Forward in your Business

I once heard that folks can get lost in one of two ways: In the finite and the infinite.

Living in the Finite.

Those who spend time in the finite see limited choices for themselves. They might not like where they are, but they don't see many other options and feel that change is not available to them. They follow the path paid before them and make the best of it.

Living in the Infinite (where most business owners and entrepreneurs live).

This is where I find myself! I am constantly thinking about all of the possibilities and directions I could take in my life and business. There are so many different offerings I could create and ways to market them, so many different places to travel to, and things to do once I get there. I want everything at once!

This lends itself to a very exciting career and personal life, but it can make running a business stressful. I often fall into the trap of doing a million things at once.

Does this sound like you, too?
  • Trying every single marketing tip and trip

  • Making sure your website is absolutely perfect

  • Following up with every person you meet at every single networking event you attend

  • etc ad nauseam!

Although pulling ourselves in a million different directions and trying to do it all is what allows us to run our business, it isn't truly sustainable. We end up just doing a million different things poorly.

What we need to do instead is find focus and be intentional.

I was only able to take my business to the next level when I started focusing on one quarter at a time.

Yearly goals always seemed to fade away quickly once I got into the hustle and bustle of the year. Thinking only in terms of monthly goals meant I had to take time away from the day-to-day work too often to create a new plan - not to mention, a month is not enough time to hit most of my goals!

Only when I started piecing my year into four parts did I really find balance and focus. 90 days, 12 weeks, 3 months, is JUST enough time.

I love the freedom that comes from planning 90 days at a time, and then having 90 days OFF from high-level brain melty thinking. I spend the rest of the quarter knowing that I know exactly what to do and don't need to worry about anything else. My goals are few and focused. My business feels easy and high quality.


Are you tired of wasting time and energy by working on projects without intention, direction, or focus? Learn more about my Quarterly Planning Intensive by clicking here!

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