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🎉 I always have enough time

I have spent A LOT of time learning about habits.

How to make new ones. How to break old ones. The science behind it. Why they are important. ​

And I have done the gambit of habit-ing

(90 days of meditating, 7 years of no meat, no sugar for a month, no drinking for a year, AND I am now a daily flosser)

And I was surprised to learn how much of making and breaking habits is just mindset (CLICHE I KNOW).

Let me give you an example- when I stopped drinking, the biggest mindset shift was this: I had to start identifying as someone who didn’t care about drinking.

Telling myself alcohol is evil didn’t help (cuz it’s not)

Telling myself drinking was ruining my life didn’t help (cuz it wasn’t)

I simply started telling myself - I don’t care about drinking all that much! Who cares! What’s the big deal! And I have fun no matter what, cuz I am a fun person.​ ​

It's the same with managing your time.

I am good at managing my time because I identify as someone who is great at managing her time.

There are some weeks where I work way too much.

There are some weeks where I don’t get much done.

But I never sweat it because that is not my baseline.

My baseline is that I am stellar at getting sh*t done and I know that I will always come back to that.

So when I feel like I have way too much to do in a week, I remind myself - I don’t need more time, cuz I know how to get sh*t done.

And maybe I don’t get EVERYTHING done.

But I get the important stuff done.

You can do all of the things you actually want to do, with a simple 90 day plan. Check out my Quarterly Planning Party

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