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✨ I’m raising my prices (here’s how you can do the same!)

One of the reasons I am raising the price of my Dubsado VIP day?

My onboarding and offboarding experience is 👩🏻‍🍳👌💋 ::chef’s kiss::

And the reason it is so freaking good?


Seriously, take a look at one of these PREMIUM workflows.

All that to say - you, too, can raise your prices with an Elevated Client Journey!

It’s not just about adding flair and pizzaz.

It’s about…

  • Getting everything YOU NEED from your clients to do the best job possible

  • Giving your clients all of the info THEY need to make the best use of your services

  • Demonstrating your brand values through your actions

  • Making your client feel excited, supported, and safe because everyone has everything they need (and then some)

Because FYI - if it’s not easy for you, it’s not easy for your clients either.

Even though I am raising the rates of my VIP day soon, you can get the new and improved VIP day experience at the current rate of $2500 by paying now and booking later.

If you are ready to automate your client experience from the first hello, to the last follow up, to signing them up again - I am taking sales calls next week before I raise the price.

Schedule one now if you want in!

PS - I am in full vacation mode and not available to answer questions unless you’re on my calendar next week!

So book a dang call and I’ll see you after I’m done riding all of the roller coasters at Universal Studios.

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