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Is Perfectionism Making You Disorganized and Unproductive?

Did you know I am a Virgo? I know - SHOCKER. When people ask me how I became so organized, the quickest answer is this - I've just always been this way. I've always liked things orderly. It brings me a sense of ease and relief to know everything is "as it should be".

So I guess you won't be shocked to learn that I also struggle with perfectionism.

Perfectionism seems like it would be a great problem to have - but it quite the opposite! I find myself spending a lot of time giving myself a break and letting myself know that done is better than perfect. I do my best to work within my limits and getting things done in a reasonable manner.

The perfectionism trap...

1. It Leads To Burnout

Big time. Doing everything perfectly is (obviously) impossible. Attempting to do so will have you crashing and burning. For me, it shows up as exhaustion and a stiff neck. How does it show up for you?

2. It Is A Time Killer

How much time are you wasting making sure everything is just right. What is your ROI on the time you are spending on all the tiny tasks to make sure things are perfect? Yes, the devil is in the details and it can be the small things that transform a space, a business, a day, etc. But it is crucial to learn the difference between small details that matter and small details that prevent you from moving onto the next tasks.

3. It Prevents You From Completing

I spent a long time in art school. Like 8 years straight. And a hard reality for me during that time was that it would take me months, sometimes an entire year, to finish a painting. Why? It was never quite.... perfect. I could have produced so much more art during that time if I had just gotten out of my own way.

4. It Prevents You From Ever Starting

Perfectionism is the biggest obstacle to getting organized. We are so afraid of not doing things "right" that we often never begin. 

5. It Brings Out The Shame Monster

I am not a fan of most "organizing inspo" found on Instagram or Pinterest. Why? Because it is totally unrealistic! Not only would the average person never be able to decant every single item in their pantry - I wouldn't even be able to do that! I am amazed and disheartened by the number of people I have met who are full of shame because they couldn't keep up these picture-perfect systems. Guess what - no one can! Let's find what "good enough" looks like - let's find what works for YOU.


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