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🎉Managing all your Big Ideas

If you are reading this, you are most likely a ✨visionary✨

You are downloading ideas or ideas are being presented to you constantly.

I saw this a lot with my clients when I was an OBM on retainer.

Every week they would have a new idea they wanted me to turn into a project.

And every week we would be layering on new projects on top of the old ones.

And none of those projects ever really got done - because we were trying to do all of it at once.

So I pretty quickly put my foot down.

We need to take a day to review what our goals as a company actually are.

We need to make a list of all of the projects we want to do.

And then we are going to compare the two lists and pick a few intentional projects at a time.

You see, we didn’t need more time to get everything done.

We just needed to make the time we did have, have more quality.

And focusing on just a few projects at a time gives us that deep focus and intention to actually complete them.

That’s why The Big Planning Day is the most important day of the Quarterly Planning Party Program.

There are some folks who sign up for my Quarterly Planning Party, miss every single coworking session and check in, don’t use the Slack Channel, and tell me they still got a ton out of the program.

Join the Quarterly Planning Party to get done the things you actually want to done, with your simple 90 day plan. Check out the Quarterly Planning Party !

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