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My #1 Productivity Tip

Unless you are a major homebody with no children who already works from home, chances are your productivity is being affected by the current state of the world. And even if that does describe you, you may still be feeling it!

Maybe you...

  • are not used to working from home.

  • rely on your job to create structure in your day.

  • suddenly have to homeschool your children full time.

  • no longer have access to support to run your day to day.

  • struggle in general with staying home so much (hello fellow extroverts!)

Everyone is scrambling to provide hacks, tips, and tools to support you with productivity in this new landscape. I wanted to offer the skill that has been the most effective for me during this time:

Offering myself GRACE.

My morning routine is not what it used to be. My exercise routine is off and on at best. I am spending WAY too much time on Instagram. I'm eating foods I normally wouldn't. I watch hours of TV before bed instead of reading. This lifestyle would never fly pre-quarantine. 

But once I started to let go of my usual expectations of myself, I found my ability to focus sky-rocketed. 

Every morning I meditate, if only for a few minutes, with the intention of checking in. I monitor my energy levels and emotional state. I honor exactly how I am feeling, sit in it, and have gratitude that this time is temporary. Some days I am so anxious and exhausted I have to cancel meetings and put off work. And you know what? Turns out that is okay.

What can you let go of? What grace are you giving yourself?

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