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🎉 My most effective productivity tip

This productivity hack is so simple it took me YEARS to really believe how well it works, even though I recommended it to all of my clients.

I first learned the concept of body-doubling way back when working with kids back in my Montessori days.

The concept was simple - if a child was struggling to focus for WHATEVER reason, we would sit that child next to someone who was deeply focused. Body Double.

When I left the Montessori world to start my professional organizing business, I noticed that some clients would hire me for a session just to sit next to them while they did other work.

Yes - I would have people pay me $60 an hour to specifically sit next to them while they built a shelf or organized their cords. That’s it. Just sit.

When I became an OBM, I would have 6 and 7 figure clients pay me to sit with them on Zoom while they did really mundane things. I even had a client ask me to sit with her while she applied for a house loan!

Literally - we would screen share, I would read the questions out loud, she would tell me the answer, and I would type them in.

I would say “hey - this doesn’t seem like a great use of our time. You are paying me $80 an hour and this isn’t really OBM work.”

And she would say “I know - but I really just need someone to sit with me while I do this thing and I trust you.”

And I would say OK WHY NOT.

Fast forward to me starting my Quarterly Planning Party. I thought “hey - I’ll throw in coworking every other week. People seem to like that!”

I had no idea how MUCH people would like that and how much it would support them in reaching their goals.

Every other week turned into every week. 60 minute sessions turned into 90 minute sessions.

And now - this upcoming quarter will feature weekly 90-minute coworking sessions AND monthly all-day coworking BLITZs.

Here’s the secret: When you are working alone, your brain will often tell you it's time to check social media, or read the news, or check your email. You won’t realize it, but all of sudden you are checking your text messages again.

Yet when you are in the presence of folks who are focused, your brain is like “oh - yeah! This is work time! Let’s just get this sh*t done.”

Here’s the thing - you don’t need more time. You need the power of community.

When you join the Quarterly Planning Party, you will receive:

💎 access to the Quarterly Planning Party Slack channel where your new biz besties will hang out

💎 regular co-working sessions to actually get sh*t done (including all day coworking BLITZs)

💎 mid-quarter check-in to review and update your 12-week plan

💎 end-of-quarter review to see what went well and what we can do better next time

💎 Q&A's where I help you move through any obstacles

You will actually get done what you want to get done with your simple 90 day plan.

Take a look at my Quarterly Planning Party !

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