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My secret weapon: go WILD with forms

FORMS! One of the most underrated tools available to your business.

Why am I so wild about forms?

  1. They make you look official and professional

  2. They ensure you are receiving the same, consistent information every time

  3. They save you an incredible amount of time (no more back and forth)

  4. They set boundaries for you - ensuring that you collect the information you need before allowing someone to enter the next step or phase with you

  5. They aggregate information for you

  6. They create a better experience for your customer

What can you use forms for? EVERYTHING!

Here are just a few examples:

  1. Collecting information before moving to a next step

  2. Applying to work with you / sign up for your course

  3. Onboarding questionnaire

  4. Collecting consistent information for projects internally

  5. Surveys for market research

  6. Feedback from a customer

  7. Submit a request for a project or task

  8. Screening job applicants

  9. Waivers for an event

  10. Screening potential roommates or tenants

  11. Collecting information from volunteers or employees

The sky is the limit!!

There are two programs that I use most frequently for forms:

  1. Google Forms

  2. Acuity Scheduling

  3. Typeform

Google Forms

This is free and super customizable! You can brand it to your company's colors, add your logo, and format the questions in so many different ways. There are also third-party extensions and add ons.

Acuity Scheduling

I am obsessed with Acuity. It is one of my favorite tools and the impact it has on businesses is massive. Acuity has an option to attach an intake form to your scheduler. That means you can collect all of the important information from someone before they schedule with you.


Typeform ain't cheap but it sure does look beautiful! Typeform also has a lot of customization and extra features that Google Forms doesn't.

There are so many other places and ways to use forms. I challenge you to think of 10 ways to use forms to transform your business today.


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