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🎉Oprah’s 24 hours is hot garbage

Have you ever heard the saying “Oprah has the same 24 hours as you” ?

Or Beyonce?

Or Elon Musk?

I hate this saying. This is hot garbage.

THESE PEOPLE HAVE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WORKING FOR THEM! They do NOT have the same 24 hours in a day that you have. They are only focusing on the top priorities.

We aren’t billionaires. We don’t have a staff of people working for us (at least I don’t. Do you? If you do, can I come over and use your pool????)

But we DO have the ability to focus on what is actually important to get done in our business.

This is what The Big Planning day in the Quarterly Planning Party is all about. Figuring out the priorities.

The rest of the quarter is focusing on those priorities and letting the rest go (at least until the next quarter!)

You CAN do all of the things you actually want to do, with a simple 90 day plan. The cart for the upcoming Quarterly Planning Party will open soon!

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