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  • Carmel Hunt

⚡️ Setting the Vibe

You know me - I am a city girl. I love living in Portland Oregon. I also spend the winter in Orlando, FL. My other favorite places to visit are New York City, Barcelona, and Tokyo.

I could write a whole love letter to cities and what I get out of them, but today I am focusing on just one thing: I love a vibey restaurant or bar. And that is something that big cities have no shortage of.

🪐 Maybe the vibe is crust-punk trash.

🪐 Maybe the vibe is funky 70’s dreamy.

🪐 Maybe the vibe is a unique adventure through space and time.

Yeah, the food should be good - but I am a decent chef, so I’m going to need just a little more than excellent food if I am going to leave my house and spend money. I need a VIBE Y’ALL!

Here's the duuuhhh reasons that restaurant owners put so much effort into the vibe of their businesses (and you should too)

⚡️ You can charge more money (duh)

⚡️ Folks come back again

⚡️ They tell their friends!

⚡️ If you blow folks away with the vibe, they are more forgiving when inevitable mistakes are made because they are having such a good time (like a server forgets your ketchup)

Your clients should get a vibe when they work with you. That includes your brands, your values, and your delivery.

And that is expressed through a top-notch client experience - The way your clients interact with you is what gives off this vibe.


Wondering how to create the right vibe for your biz?

Check out my Dubsado VIP Day!

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