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🎉The secret to getting your work done??

The hardest part of working remotely is often self-motivation.

I was lucky enough to get a head start on figuring this out many years before the pandemic.

I started (unofficially) virtually assisting back in college, and kept it as a side hustle for years.

At one point, it was my only income and I had endless time to do work from home.

And I struggled.

I often didn’t feel like doing the work. You know the feeling!

And then one day, I had a skype call with a friend that changed everything.

This friend had been a freelance graphic designer for years. I asked her - what’s the secret to getting your work done?? What’s the trick?

She looked at me and shrugged - “You just sit down and do it.”

I was floored. What??????????? WHAT IS THAT?????????

OK - I’m going to pause there. Obviously, it is not that simple. ADHD is a thing. Kids and other responsibilities are a thing. Chronic illness is a thing.

And I definitely didn’t start getting focused and productive that day because of those words.

But I did start to train myself to just sit down and work.

I learned that if I needed to get something done, I would put it on my calendar and just start.

Not every day or week was or is productive for me. I still obsessively sought after tools, hacks, tricks, blah blah blah.

But I have also found that making a plan, putting that plan into my project management tool and calendar, and then doing everything I can to just sit down when I told myself I would, is a huge component to my success when it comes to getting shit done.

Do the things you actually want to do, with a simple 90 day plan.

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