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✨What I’ve learned (so you don’t need to)

The first few Dubsado set ups I did were for retainer clients. They took me MONTHS because I was learning on the job. (If you or your VA are at this point - I FEEL YOU)

The first Beta Dubsado VIP day I did, I only charged $500 because I wasn’t yet certified and my systems were not really in place yet.

Every Dubsado Setup since that first Beta VIP Day, I kept raising my prices because I kept learning and implementing all of the things!

Just this year, I have been inside of 25 Dubsado Accounts

If you haven’t noticed, hanging out inside of Dubsado is one of my absolute favorites.

I am raising my rates once again in the new year,

but you can get the new and improved VIP day experience at the current rate of $2500 by paying now and booking later.

So if you are ready to automate your client experience from the first hello, to the last follow up, to signing them up again - I am taking sales calls next week before I raise the price.

Schedule one now if you want in!

PS - I am in full vacation mode and not available to answer questions unless you’re on my calendar next week!

So book a dang call and I’ll see you after I’m done riding all of the roller coasters at Universal Studios.

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