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☁️ What is “Poor” Time Management?

On my journey to squeeze the most out of my short existence on planet earth, I have consumed pretty much every book, article, youtube video, infographic, what-have-you, on how to be “good” at time management.

Actual photo of me watching every Youtube Video on Time Management

But what does it even mean to be “bad” at managing your time?

One definition: you aren’t completing tasks on time, or at all.​ ​

However, there is another definition that I think most folks completely overlook:

You are getting everything done, but you are stressed, overwhelmed, and BURNT out trying to do so.

In my opinion, this is not managing your time well.

Is feeling exhausted and overwhelmed but getting everything done really considered “good” time management?

I firmly believe that we can learn to make nice with our calendar.

That’s why I LOVE talking about time management - in a new way.

I am offering a ✨free✨workshop on Time Management.

This workshop is for you if you…

- struggle with your relationship with time.

- feel like you never have enough time OR don’t feel like you’re making good use of the time you have.

- tried all the tips, tools, and hacks - and yet somehow still can’t get a handle on your schedule

After you leave this workshop, you can start to…

⌛ see your relationship to time differently

⌛ address the root problem that is causing your issues with time management

⌛ create impactful changes that can help you actually get things done

⌛ (and yes, you will also get my favorite tips, tools, and hacks!)

Click here to learn more and register!

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