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🎉 What Project Management tool should you use?

A big question I am usually asked leading up to the Quarterly Planning Party (and in many other places!) is:

Which Project Management Tool is best?

The answer people are looking for: Clickup, Notion, or Asana are my top choices.

The REAL answer? It doesn’t f*cking matter.

Sometimes folks who join the Quarterly Planning Party are starting from ground zero.

I tell them to open a Google Sheet or a Word Doc and start there.

​ NO, that is not sustainable (if you want running your business to feel easy)

YES it will be good enough to just get started.

Don’t let little details get in the way, just start using SOMETHING. Telling yourself you need to find the perfect tool to do XYZ is busy work that prevents you from actually getting sh*t done.

Join the Quarterly Planning Party to get done the things you actually want to done, with your simple 90 day plan. Check out the Quarterly Planning Party !

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