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🎉 What’s the deal with the Big Planning Day?

The most important day of the Quarterly Planning Party is, by far, the Big Planning Day.

This is the day we take time to break things down into chunks, schedule things out, and wrap your brain around what actually needs to get done.

So how do we make a Quarterly Plan on this day?

You hone in on priorities and choose projects that move you closer to your goals.

What happens after you make a Quarterly Plan?

We actually list out all the itty bitty steps required to make it happen. We put those steps in your project management tool and add time to the calendar.

What happens after the Big Planning Day?

We get that sucker DONE!

The coworking sessions are a time to make yourself capable, hold yourself accountable, and actually work on the plan.

There are folks who are in the Quarterly Planning Party Program who attend the Big Planning Day and nothing else and say:

“The effects for me have been transformative”

Do the things you actually want to do, with a simple 90 day plan. For more information about Quarterly Planning, click HERE.

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