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๐ŸŽ‰ When I feel overwhelmed with all of the things

Whenever I feel overwhelmed with all of the things I need to do for my business, big and small, I write everything down in an Eisenhower Matrix.

It looks like this:

Here is how I translate the four categories:

Not Urgent + Not Important You would be surprised how many of these items end up on your list! Trash them immediately.

Urgent + Not Important This might be something like a Black Friday Deal. Take time to think about if you really need or want to tackle these projects. Chances are, your time is spent better elsewhere.

Important + Urgent These are things like sales calls or client work. Time for these are woven into your day by default, and you will naturally take care of these immediately.

Important + Not Urgent This section? This is what Quarterly Planning is for.

Projects that you know are important (getting your marketing strategy in order, finding someone to set up your Dubsado, hiring a VA) but rarely get prioritized.

Finding a way to get those Important items done before they are urgent is what will move your business forward.

You can complete all of those Important + Not Urgent projects with a simple 90 day plan.

For more information about Quarterly Planning, click HERE.

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