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☁️ Where did the 40 hour work week come from?

You might not know this about me -- I grew up with that hustle & grind mindset. The first time I watched The Devil Wears Prada, I was aghast when Andrea quit her job working for Miranda Priestly.

When I transitioned from working a regular 9-5 (er, 7 - 6) to starting my own business, I had this idea in my mind that I had to work at least 40 hours to make my new sh*t legit.

After a wild first year, I realized that, no, 40 hours a week wasn’t working.

I thought back to my agency days and remembered - oh yeah! I got all my work done within the first few hours of being in the office and then spent the rest of the day pretending to work.

So I got really curious. What’s up with the 40 hour work week?

History dorks, this one’s for you:

1817: After the Industrial Revolution, most people worked 80 to 100 hours a week.

Over the next 100+ years: activists and labor union groups began advocating for shorter work weeks. The full story includes quite a bit of violence and struggle.

1940: The 40-hour work week became U.S. law.

​ The 40-hour work-week isn’t based on any science, productivity studies, the happiness index, and hasn’t been reevaluated in 80 years.

40 hours is essentially a random number, y’all!

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