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☁️ Why my mama did what she did

OK, I’m not quite a Disney Adult, but I 😍LOVE😍 theme parks. Since I grew up in Florida, I have been going to theme parks at least once a year since I was in the womb.

Going to theme parks as a child was the highlight of my year - except for one thing: My MOTHER.

Rob and I's trip to Universal Studios baby!

She ruled our time at Magic Kingdom with an iron fist. Although I desperately wanted to hop onto any ride that caught my little eye, my mother had a tight schedule that we absolutely could not deviate from. MY MOTHER! HOW COULD SHE!!!!!

Fast forward to my 8th grade class trip to Busch Gardens. It was my first time going to a theme park without my parents, and BOY was I excited. I could finally do WHATEVER I want. I strolled in there with NO plan in sight.

And - you guessed it - I spent most of the day waiting in line and did like, three things 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

In that moment I realized - my mother was not controlling for the thrill of it. She kept a strict schedule because theme parks are expensive and she wanted us to squeeze as much joy as possible out of the day.

Zoom out to my entire life.

Like a day at Universal Studios, life is really expensive and never lasts long enough. I want to squeeze as much joy as possible out of my life.

And those who want to do that must learn to manage their time.

If you want to squeeze more joy out of your life, Join me by attending my ✨free✨workshop on Time Management.

This workshop is for you if you…

- struggle with your relationship with time.

- feel like you never have enough time OR don’t feel like you’re making good use of the time you have.

- tried all the tips, tools, and hacks - and yet somehow still can’t get a handle on your schedule

After you leave this workshop, you can start to…

​⌛ see your relationship to time differently

⌛ address the root problem that is causing your issues with time management

⌛ create impactful changes that can help you actually get things done

⌛ (and yes, you will also get my favorite tips, tools, and hacks!)

Click here to learn more and register!

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