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You might be in the second act of a romantic comedy 💘

OK We all had a weird time during 2020.

In the first few months, I made some bold choices: I quit drinking, decided to be super single, moved into a tiny house, and became a full-time Online Business Manager (some of these choices were a result of the pandemic, some of them were a happy coincidence).

Important to note - I was also one of those folks who washed their groceries when they got home for a few months longer than everyone else and stayed 12 feet away from literally everyone at all times.

What did that look like for me?


As an aggressively friendly extrovert, this meant a lot of therapy and internal growth that was actually AMAZING (and torturous and I would never choose to do it again willingly)l

So I had to acquire a lot of little rituals, routines, and hobbies that made me happy to hang out alone (heellooo roller skating!!!)

My favorite? On Saturday afternoons, I would walk to the grocery store and buy one gourmet personal frozen pizza. Then I would find one of the rom-coms from the 90s or early 2000s that I was never allowed to watch as a sheltered child.

The movies were terrible and I f*cking loved it y’all.

Ready for me to make a metaphor about how your business is like a rom-com?

Act 1: A quirky Meet Cute causes You and Dubsado to be introduced to each other. There is a connection. You begin seeing each other.

Act 2: Through a series of wacky misunderstandings, things start going sideways. With the best of intentions, you start adding steps in workflows that are not in the correct order. You create proposals that look good but are missing some important elements that make them, eh, work. The lead capture connected to the scheduler connected to the invoice are somehow all jumbled. Hearts are tested.

Act 3: Resolution. The supportive side-character (ME) can’t stand to see these two love birds miss each other like this and pulls some hi-jinx to help you and Dubsado see that you are actually a great match.

👉 how do we get Act 3? MYSTERY TO MAGIC Dubsado Account Audit!

Because I don’t want you to give up on a good thing.

For $475, this audit includes…

⚡️ A comprehensive report on the health of your account and a letter grade to match

B+ means you just need to make a few tweaks! D- means WE NEED TO TALK​ ​

⚡ A translation of said report, tailored to your needs, current issues, and goals

Your business is unique and I take this into account!​ ​

⚡️ Actionable steps on ways to improve how you use your Dubsado account

Making it easier for you to run your business and serve your clients

No matter what - you will walk away with a report that will give you clarity ✨

If you want to know exactly how to get Dubsado working for you (and not the other way around)

👉Click Here 👈

to learn more and book your audit

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