How much time and energy are you wasting by working on projects without intention, direction, or focus?


Maybe you…

👎   feel lost in all of the things you “should” be doing for your business 

👎   doubt yourself as a business owner

👎   try to create a plan to follow, but never end up implementing it

👎   want to be better about planning, but don’t know where to start

👎   forget / push off important projects that would take your business to the next level

👎   find yourself trying to work on a million projects at once?

Most entrepreneurs don’t have a plan for their business.

They get busy with day-to-day tasks and never take time to step back, look at the bigger picture and make sure they are on track. 

Without a plan, you can’t measure your progress. You won’t know what to do next because you won’t know where you want to go! 

🎉Quarterly Planning Party
(12-Week Program)


🔮 Transform your visionary ideas into a strategic plan for the next quarter, giving yourself the freedom and confidence to be the badass business owner you truly are.

Get ready to…

✅   create a solid plan for the next 12 weeks

✅   enjoy accountability, capability, and focus in your business

✅   connect with other badass business owners like yourself

✅   know that important projects aren’t being forgotten 

✅   have space to be a visionary!


About me - Devin Lee!


I love finding the holes and obstacles in a business and patching them up. I love elevating business owners to the next level. I love watching a newly well-oiled business do its thing. And I love my kick-ass clients that teach me new things every day.


What do I do in my spare time? I love to roller skate, study the Enneagram (I'm a Type 7!) listen to podcasts, explore the best places to eat Sushi in Portland, and make new friends. I’m also deeply committed to developing Inclusion and Equality in my business.

We are going to use the 4 D’s to make your biz dreams come true.


10 days before the Big Planning Day, you will be sent a Prep Questionnaire. This form will help you flesh out the dream you have for your business so you are ready to hit the ground running on Planning Day.


This is the Big Planning day! During this 3-hour coworking session, I will take you step-by-step through every single piece of creating your 12-week plan, including creating the plan, putting it in your project management tool, and creating a sustainable schedule to get sh*t done.

🚀 DO! 
There is no “try”. During these 12 weeks you will MAKE IT HAPPEN. You will find accountability + capability in the form of regular coworking sessions, meeting with a capability buddy I choose just for you, and monthly Q&A where I answer any questions you might have.


At the end of the 12 weeks, we rest, rinse, and repeat! We review what was accomplished this past quarter, what could have gone better, and then work on making the next quarter better than the one before.

"It felt well-organized from start to finish, with good intro, breaks, and follow-up. I felt like you were leading me along a well-worn path and knew exactly where we were going."

-Sara Lachenman, owner of Four over One Design

Here’s what’s included:

💎  a 3-hour guided coworking session to create your 12-week plan

💎  A workbook you will use to create a doable 12-week plan for the upcoming quarter

💎  regular co-working sessions to actually get sh*t done

💎  a capability buddy I select just for you for intentional support

💎  mid-quarter check-in to review and update your 12-week plan

💎  monthly Q&A where I help you move through any obstacles 

💎  access to the Quarterly Planning Party slack channel where your new biz besties will hang out

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the time commitment? 


The only required time commitment is to show up for 3 hours, fully present and ready, on The Big Planning Day. Everything else is optional but strongly recommended.

What is the investment?

$475 for the upcoming quarter

When is The Big Planning Day?

The Planning Day for Q4 will be on September 29th, with two 3-hour time slots to choose from (first-come, first-serve)

When else do we meet?

After the Big Planning Day, there will be:

  • Weekly hour-long coworking sessions, alternating between Mondays and Thursdays @ 11am PT

  • You and your capability buddy will create your own meeting schedule that suits you

What is a capability buddy, and do I have to have one?

A capability buddy is what I call an accountability partner. I play matchmaker to pair you up with someone who is just right for you! You do not have to have a capability buddy, but it is strongly recommended.

Ready to feel a great sense of achievement in planning and scheduling all the tasks for the projects you want to get done???

The Big Planning day + following 12 weeks will give you…

👉  The ability to hone in on your priorities


👉  Structure so you can work everything out much more clearly than if you were on your own


👉 Broken down stages on how to work out your goal and what you want to achieve


👉  A plan that is easy to use and follow through on


👉   Introduction to a community of biz besties who off support + space to be vulnerable

Have additional questions? Let’s hop on a call!

😎 Still not sure? Here's what other folks are saying!

"I really like how you broke down the stages and how to work out our goal and what we wanted to achieve. I was able to work everything out much more clearly than I did on my own. "


"I appreciated the pace and the camaraderie."


"I liked how it included everything from making the plan to plotting it out in our task management systems and calendars. It felt thorough and easy to follow."


"I loved having structure and that the day was broken up into chunks. It went by so fast!!"


"[I liked] getting to know each other, network, share vulnerable biz pieces with those who get it / a new community. Honing in priorities. Listing out steps to make them happen in a project management system as a requirement."


"It was really nice to take time to think big picture and actually write goals down and breakout the steps for them."


"I am actually getting these projects done after putting them off for so long, and it hasn't felt stressful. Taking the time to break it down into chunks and schedule things out really helped me wrap my brain around it."


"The effects for me have been transformative. The exposure to all these different programs and ideas for communicating has been awesome. Not just hearing about them but seeing you guys use them has motivated me to get my head out of my ass technologically and work to improve how I've been doing things."


"I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up. I've loved the experience so far. The structure you've provided has been great. I'm really happy with how things have worked out."