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Oh hi!
I'm Devin.

An entrepreneur since the age of 27, and self-proclaimed “fun big sis for your biz”.

Officially, I’m a Systems Strategist for quickly growing businesses.  I specialize in designing bespoke systems for visionary business owners.

Unofficially, I’m the high-energy hype woman who’ll bring a calm oasis to your business.


When I’m not creating exceptional systems, you can find me studying the Enneagram, roller skating, and chasing the sun.


After earning a BA in Business of Art and Design, I became a bit of a renaissance woman, honing my skills as a professional organizer, teacher, short-film producer, marketing-agency account manager, and event promoter.


The culmination of these years of experience in diverse industries ultimately resulted in a super-sharpening of the skills a Systems Strategist brings to the table. In addition, I am a certified Online Business Manager, through the International Association of Online Business Managers. 

In 2022, I joined Dubsado's official certification program. That means my skills and training have been evaluated by the Dubsado team and meet their high standards for offering a Dubsado setup service. Active membership includes an annual recertification exam and mandatory feedback surveys, which I provide to all clients.


My goal is to provide the support that you need to run your business effectively without being weighed down or burned out with too many management tasks. 


And here’s the best part: I love the work. I love finding the holes and obstacles in a business and patching them up. I love elevating business owners to the next level. I love watching a newly well-oiled business do it’s thing. And I love my kick-ass clients that teach me new things every day.


So what does a Magical Unicorn Person do in her spare time? I love to roller skate, listen to podcasts, study the Enneagram (I'm a type 7!), explore the best places to eat Sushi, and make new friends. I’m also deeply committed to developing Inclusion and Equality in my business. 

If you are interested in joining forces, you can schedule a call to chat with me. I’d love to hear from you.

                                            To your success,

                                            Devin Lee

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Company Values:


I’m steadfast about modeling healthy boundaries,

establishing space to explore what makes life fulfilling.


I inject genuine excitement into everything I do,

incorporating fun and curiosity to create more human experiences.


I love facilitating harmonious engagements,

allowing people to connect authentically, joyfully, and with ease.


I strive to harness chaos by creating the ideal systems,

transforming disorder into certainty, consistency, and focus.


Devin is AMAZING!  She is positive, enthusiastic, super-efficient, tech-savvy, and delightful to work with. 

I am a professional organizer, but she keeps all of my business development projects organized and keeps us on track!  She proactively checks in about which projects are the current priority, as I always have way more projects for her than time allows.  Working with Devin is the best thing you can do to organize and grow your business!  She's great with social media and can figure out how to do just about anything.  Devin is also an apt researcher, who will not only provide a great summary of what she has learned but will give you analysis as well. Devin maintains confidentiality, is very responsible, professional, and a creative problem-solver. 

Every business owner needs a Devin!!!

Whitney Ziegler, Owner and Professional Organizer at Big Rocks Organizing LLC

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