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90-Minute Leveling Up Strategy Session

The strategy session is required before any project, but can also be a standalone session. It provides a deep dive into your business. I’ll learn as much as possible about your processes and help you to identify where to focus your efforts. You’ll also benefit from sharing your administrative and customer flow with an unbiased yet expert outside perspective! 


You will walk away with:

  • An updated set of business goals to begin applying today 

  • A strategic plan outlining action steps to achieve those goals 

  • Advice on streamlining workflow using automation, organizational systems, and communication strategies

Standardizing Workflow:
90-Day SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) provide a solid foundation for all key processes that take place in your business. From posting to social media to identifying and standardizing workflow, having an SOP means that these processes are clearly documented and not just in your head. 


SOPs take a lot of legwork upfront, so many business owners skip them altogether. However, clear expectations allow your team to operate consistently on the same page (even when you are on vacation!).


Standard Operating Procedures allow you to:


  • Reduce training time

  • Work out kinks in your systems or processes

  • Establish clear expectations at the time of hire

  • Allow team members to easily fill in for each other 

  • Free up time and energy repeating information 

During this 90-day period, we will:

  • Focus on a specific area of your customized SOP Guide each week 

  • Gather information by asking specific questions about your business

  • Identify needed operating procedures each week 

  • Direct your team to complete tasks related to establishing SOP

  • Create an organized digital library of SOPs that are easily accessible by your entire team

Sales Systems

You didn’t start your company to become a salesperson - yet here you are! An efficient sales funnel will convert potential leads into paying customers - with less effort on your part.

Under your Sales Systems, will create guidelines for:

  • Sales conversations

  • Lead management and follow up processes

  • Screening, reporting on, and managing leads

  • Payment processing, dealing with refunds, and following up

Delivery systems / Client onboarding 

First impressions mean everything. Creating an absolutely stunning onboarding experience for your new client sets the tone for your relationship with them and will turn them into raving fans. 


Together we will:

  • Review your onboarding process with a fine-toothed comb

  • Identify gaps or missed opportunities 

  • Find areas that can be improved, automated, or eliminated 

  • Add in tech or team members to help!

Master Growth Systems

Master Growth Systems make your other systems run efficiently, and allow them to be scaled or further automated.


Master Growth Systems we perform include: 

  • Screening, hiring, and firing team members

  • Screening, hiring, and firing clients

  • Identifying team needs based on current business goals and projects

  • Creating measures of success for the role

  • Determining what type of specialist would be the best fit

  • Crafting job posting/details

  • Blasting opportunity via social and other networks

  • Filtering initial responses and reviewing portfolios

  • Setting up first and second interviews

  • Narrowing choices after initial interviews

  • Checking references

  • Creating a communication plan with new team members

  • Getting the proper information and/or training for their role

  • Regular reporting on measures of success for their role

Delegate Like a Boss 90-Day Retainer

Committing to a 90-day Online Business Management retainer means you’ve got skin in the game. It provides the accountability to create TRUE forward momentum in your business. We’ll learn the ins and outs of your processes, helping to identify gaps and roadblocks and to streamline your system, saving you time, money, and energy.

This is what leveling up looks like in practice, not just in theory:

Days 1 - 30: Learning the Business

  • Week 1: Getting Started

  • Week 2: Familiarizing w/ the Culture

  • Week 3: Creating New Culture

  • Week 4: Follow Up / Follow Through

Closing Month 1 Session: Discuss what has been completed and what is coming up, identify gaps and adjust accordingly.



Days 31 - 60: Taking the Lead

  • Week 5: Building the Pillars

  • Week 6: Big Picture Predictions

  • Week 7: Metrics = Money

  • Week 8: Cleaning Up / Closing Out

Closing Month 2 Session: Celebrate wins, identify gaps, discuss roadblocks, adjust accordingly.

Days 61 - 90: Establishing Expertise

  • Week 9: Structure is the Strategy

  • Week 10: Communication for Clarity

  • Week 11: Freedom for the Future



Closing Month 3 Session: Celebrate wins, identify gaps, discuss any culture or mindset blocks preventing growth in the future. Compare metrics from the start of retainer and measure ROI.

90-Minute Leveling Up Strategy Session
Standardizing Workflow: 90-Day SOPs
Sales Systems
Delivery systems / Client onboarding 
Master Growth Systems
Delegate Like a Boss 90-Day Retainer

I am proficient in the following software tools and apps:

Project Management

Aasna, Basecamp, Google Suite, Google Drive 

Sales Systems

Dubsado, Acuity, Wix, Squarespace, Zapier, Google Sheets, Nutshell, Hubspot 


Delivery Systems / Client onboarding 

Dubsado, Airtable, Google Suite, Acuity, Zapier, Nutshell, Hubspot, Wix, Squarespace 


Growth Systems

Asana, Basecamp, Dubsado, Honeybook, Google Suite


Tracking Metrics

Google Sheets, Google Analytics 

Misc Programs

Typeform, Canva, iMovie, Zoom 

*We can also learn YOUR program!

Organized, efficient, an effective problem-solver, great follow-through and just NICE. I am having her do a manual for my real estate business, as well as organize my database and get everything cleaned up.
She is just so good at what she does, and allows me to focus on the stuff I do well, so I don't have to worry about it.
Though she is busy, she always makes time for my questions and is really flexible. I don't have to micro-manage Dev, which I LOVE, and she's just really smart and savvy.
If you need some organization so you can focus on your business, CALL HER."

- Aubrey Martin, Aubrey Martin Real Estate Group

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